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    It is said that Tamiya Ryu was actually founded by Tamiya Heibei Shigemasa (pupil of Hayashizake Jinsuke Shigenobu who is considered the founder of iaijutsu). The style was favoured by the shogun and one of Shigemasa's descendants, Tamiya Heibei Narimasa instructed the style to Tokugawa Ieyasu during the Tensho(Tempo?) Era (1573-1591). It was recognised as an official martial Art of Tokugawa Kishu province.


    Tamiya Ryu has progressed through three different phases : Ancient Tamiya, Kishu Tamiya and New Tamiya. Ancient Tamiya ceased at the end of the fifth generartion and became Kishu Tamiya. Documents report that Kishu Tamiya Ryu was the authorised successor of Tamiya Okito. Kishu Tamiya was transmitted to Saijo province 'EhimePrefecture) as Shinken Ryu.  Iyo Saijo province was a branch of the Kishu family.


    Through generations of successors, The Kishu family kept a close affiliation with the Ryu. Since the scond son of Yorissumi - the Chief Councelor to the Shogunate - Yorinori, had succeeded as the heir to Lord Saijo in february 1670, Kishu Tamiya Ryu prospered in Saijo.  Through a combination of Tamiya blood-familymembers and adopted sons, Tsumaki Junjiro Mototsugi inherited the school in 1797 and since then the Tsumaki Family have developed as a disitinctive line of swordmen, and succeeded through to the 14th grandmaster Tsumaki Seirin Motonobu.


    Tsumaki Seirin passed away at the age of 102 years in Odawara, Japan on monday June 4, 2006.  In september 2006 the son of Tsumaki Seirin, Tsumaki Kazuo has been appointed as Soshi (head & master/instructor) by the Tamiya Ryu Shinken Hokokai (=Tamiya Ryu organisation originally founded by Soke Tsumaki to serve as governing body of Tamiya Ryu in Japan)


    Different branches are represented in this Tamiya Ryu Shinken Organisation. One of them is the Tamiya Shinken Ryu style of the Fukui Branch. It is this style that is being popularized in Belgium and on the European continent by Patrik Demuynck, student of Katsumata Kenichi Sensei, deshi of Fukui Seiichi Sensei.


    Tamiya Shinken Ryu is a Martial Art that builds self-confidence, personal growth, coordination, language skills, conflict resolution and an appreciation for Japanese Culture.  Tamiya Shinken Ryu pratices its techniques with a humble and modest heart and continually trains the spirit, keeping in mind the principle of katsujin-ken.  This is a unique opportunity to learn a 400-year old sword art and this is as close as you can get to ancient traditonal Martial Arts.  This is a non-competitive environment and you have the opportunity to progress at your own pace.  The classes are on-going and you can sign up throughout the year. 

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